Orange Bee
Cactus Flower
EDIT_Macro DBG 2018 April009.jpg
Flower Scape
Flower Scape
Edit_Macro DBG 2018 April004.jpg
Flower Scape 3
EDIT_Macro DBG 2018 April029.jpg
Close up
EDIT_Macro DBG 2018 April010.jpg
Cacti Flowers
Cacti Flower
Little Loves
Flower Puffs
White Flower
Flowers bloom so effortlessly that it might be easy to take them for granted. Their strength, perseverance, softness and fragility inspire me and teach me. Using macro photography allows me to get close to the plant to see what details are offered. I enjoy the mystery of shooting film especially with the macro photos. How many insects do you see? How many dewdrops do you see? How many colors do you see?
Full Bloom
Photographed April 1, 2018 // Overcast // Desert Botanical Gardens
35mm Kodak Portra 400 // Nikon N80