"If you kiss me, I will write about you." 
This zine comes with a trigger warning.

Memoirs of a Liar is a zine about the people I've kissed in my life.

I typed it on my typewriter and hand-sewed the binding. My goal was to remind people their sexual encounters aren't something to be ashamed of. Published June 27, 2016.

A limited amount of copies are available for purchase at Wasted Ink Zine Distro. 

30 copies are now available for purchase and will be shipped by the beginning of April. Order now to secure your copy! 




"My favorite type of art is art that is personally important. Art that preserves and heals the self. It allows you to connect to the creator while simultaneously tapping into your own memories. Memoirs of a Liar is one of those beautiful touching pieces. It provides an overwhelming feeling of what it is to kiss someone. Of how it feels to experience another human. Of how it feels to just be a human. It helps erase the ever nagging feeling of loneliness with a soft reminder that we are all just trying to be okay."

"Memoirs of a Liar recounts memories of sexual experiences that feel brutally honest and fleeting at the same time. The writings include mistakes and edits that resemble what it's like to try and reminisce a memory. Reading it made me feel glassy-eyed and surfaced old memories of my own. It's a beautiful hand made book."

"Memoirs of a Liar is something who's ever had a sexual encounter can relate to. It's a very honest look at sexuality, the way partners can try to control it, or police you and your history. At the same time it unapologetically challenges the rhetoric that women don't enjoy sex." 

"Memoirs of a Liar is a raw confession of kissing encounters with strangers, friends and lovers that pull at your heart string and at times, exercise your stomach muscles with laughter. This zine allows you to reflect upon your own make-out experiences and leaves you feeling a little dirtier than before. Written with uninhibited honesty and such ferocity, Memoirs of a Liar is a must read for anyone who's ever fallen victim to the vulnerability of their desires and lived to tell the tale."

"So often, we go to the Metaphor in Writing, Music, Dance, Painting, whathaveyou as a means to explore the eccentricities of being. Memoirs of a Liar, however, comes to us as a Bare and Unapologetic Truth. In this work Charissa Lucille not only Turns the Game, but too generously gives of the Gift of Seeing the raw Poetry in Being Itself through her unflinching Vulnerability. I could not be more thankful. You sure the hell should be."