Photo by Devon Adams.

Photo by Devon Adams.

Charissa Lucille is the creator of Fem Static, an umbrella venture housing a curated collection of zines and collaborative feminist- focused projects. Charissa's primary zine, Fem Static Zine, is a fourth wave feminist publication started in 2014. It dissects the many dichotomies existing within feminism and critiques the way media shapes our understanding of feminism. Charissa incorporates professional photography into her feminist activism that visually represents societal problems and solutions. 

After graduating with a journalism degree from The Walter Cronkite School at Arizona State University, Charissa found her voice in the expansive world of self-publishing. She jumped head-first into the zine scene and publishes work in numerous outlets in addition to publishing three zine titles and running a shop called Wasted Ink Zine Distro. Charissa has sold her zines at invitation-only festivals such as the LA Zine Fest, SF Zine Fest, LB Zine Fest and many more. You can find her zines in libraries and stores including the San Diego Public Library, In Other Words Bookstore in Portland, and The Pop-Hop Bookstore in Los Angeles. Charissa is an organizer for the Phx Zine Fest, an annual event in Arizona since 2016. 


Charissa is a zine and book maker. Her recent published titles include Memoirs of a Liar, Unfinished, and Hidden in P(l)ain Sight (coming soon.)


Projects and Press: 

Wasted Ink Zine Distro

Phx Zine Fest

Femme Fotale

Fem Static Zine